Business Insurance

Business Insurance helps small to medium sized businesses protect their business premises and everything in it from damage or loss.

Cover options can include:

  • Fire and Other Damage Insurance to protect your building and its contents
  • Burglary Insurance against theft of stock or other business equipment
  • Business Interruption which covers your business against loss of gross profits and increased costs of working, caused by an interruption to your business resulting from an insured event
  • General Property options to protect other items such as mobile phones and laptops
  • Public and products liability insurance.


Make sure you can get your business back on track quickly following an unexpected event, with the right cover under Business Insurance.


Fire and other damage

Just imagine the effects of fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, storms [excluding floods], water damage, malicious acts or impact damage to your stock, contents or building. Fire and other damage insurance will cover these events as well as the cost of removing debris and making temporary repairs.  Cover is also available for replacing business documents, such as your financial records. Is your business adequately covered against fire and other damage? Sit down with us and discuss the true value of your stock, contents and building.

Business interruption

For many businesses, serious damage to property is not just a temporary inconvenience.  It interrupts trade and results in a loss of income for some time afterwards. If you can’t meet your expenses, how will your business survive? Business interruption insurance covers you for income lost because of damage to your property, if that damage is covered under your property damage or burglary policy. Cover your income, not just your assets – make sure you have business interruption insurance in place. Talk to us about calculating the amount of business interruption cover required should your business be seriously damaged or destroyed.


Is your business protected agaisnt events such as holdups or forced entry after hours? Burglary insurance covers your business in case of theft of stock and contents following violent and forcible entry.  Some businesses are more prone to burglary than others, so you can match the level of cover to your kind of business.


Do you want cover for theft of your money? Money insurance covers your business against loss or theft of money while it is at your business premises during business hours and in transit. It includes cover for the loss of money from the bank, night safe or your home.


Want protection for your glass shopfront in the event that it is shattered? The fact that your business was burgled is bad enough, but what about the damage that was done when they shattered the glass in the shopfront and destroyed the signage? Glass insurance covers the replacement value of broken glass.  Also the cost of temporary shuttering, replacement of sign writing and repairing of plastic or perspex signs.  It also covers the cost of stock spoiled by the broken glass.

Tax audit

Speak to anyone who has had to undergo a tax audit by the Australian Taxation Office and they will tell you how expensive it can be. Professional fees can easily run into thousands of dollars when the tax man comes knocking. Tax audit insurance will cover you for the unexpected call.  Specifically, your professional fees are covered if the Australian Tax Office conducts a taxation audit or in-depth investigation that relates to your payment of income tax, fringe benefits tax or capital gains tax.

General property

Does your business require the use of mobile equipment away from your business premises? What would happen if you were on your way to do a job and you stopped for a coffee, locking your vehicle, only to find on your return that the side window is shattered and your laptop, GPS and mobile phone had been stolen?  If you are a tradesperson, how would you continue to work if your tools of trade were stolen from your locked vehicle or were damaged in a collision?  Protect your business against incidents like this by adding general property insurance.  General property insurance covers items such as your tools ot trade, stock in trade and office contents whether in or away from your business premises.

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